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Net Zero Police Station

    If fiscally-conservative Cincinnati can build a Net Zero Energy police station, any city can.  We hope our story inspires copycats.

    The City of Cincinnati hired LQ Consulting to document construction of its new District 3 Police West Side headquarters, knowing the construction project would have a number of "firsts." 


     This would be the city's first true design-build project, its first LEED Platinum building, and the first time engaging citizens in site selection and public art.  It's the first time the city put 1% for art into a construction budget.


    District 3 Police Station is not only the "greenest" building in Ohio, it's the first Net Zero Energy Police Station in the USA!  


    Laure convinced PBS this is a national story, and PBS agrees, intrigued that Midwestern Cincinnati beat out west coast cities to build the first Net Zero Energy police station in the country.


    Laure raised all private funding to make this documentary. Presenting Sponsors are Frisch's and The Stephen H. Wilder Foundation.


    Our half-hour documentary premiered on Cincinnati's PBS station CET in 2017. In 2018, NETA, National Educational Television Association, selected Blue Goes Green to distribute nationally to PBS stations.  In 2019, viewers in more than a third of the United States watched the program on PBS stations, showing the documentary in celebration of Earth Day in April and National Police Week in May.

   The documentary won Best of Festival in the Benicia Film Festival and was selected and featured in the Global Peace Film Festival in Winter Park, FLA and the Kuala Lumpur Environmental Film Festival in Malaysia.

   Most recently, Blue Goes Green screened in the national Better Cities Film Festival in October 2020, held virtually, and at Women in FIlm Cincinati's Better Cities Film Festival at Hollywood Drive-In on Oct. 3, 2020.

Buy or Rent the film on Vimeo


“District 3 Police Station is a Hit with Kids”

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