"This film pays perfect tribute to the morale, the inspiration, and the uplifting effect that the building has on everyone who works in District 3. Police departments across the country have been beaten up for different things and it’s a tough climate. Stories like this - that highlight some of the good things officers are doing and the facilities we have - improve the perception and the relationships we have with the community.”

Capt. Aaron Jones, Cincinnati Police, Former District 3 Commander

D-3 Capt. Aaron Jones with Filmmaker Laure Quinlivan at the Sep. 20 screening at CET studios.

"Cincinnati always strives to set national standards. Former Councilmember Quinlivan has captured an important story about how we created best practices around community engagement, leading the building of a phenomenal new police headquarters."


- Cincinnati Councilmember PG Sittenfeld

Comments from citizens who attended the two community screenings:

  • “What a great film. It highlights the forward thinking of the city government and citizens.”

  • “A tremendous impact on the morale of the police, increased pride in the community, especially the community members who participated in planning. I can really see how this type of planning process would build relations and trust between the police and community.”

  • “Obviously, it is already having an impact. I spoke with a couple of the officers and they were bursting with pride. Perhaps this project will change the future of the community now in transition.”

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