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April 19, 2019

One key to getting a Net Zero Energy police station was requests for qualifications and proposals that encouraged the private sector to show the City its best, most progressive ideas to make this the greenest building possible.

January 01, 2019

Case Study - A Design/Build Project for Cincinnati’s District 3 Police Headquarters

CMTA was proud to partner with the Cincinnati Police Department on their brand-new District 3 Police Headquarters. We were able to exceed their efficiency and sustainability goals without additional funding from the city, and create a Zero Energy police headquarters on a traditional budget.

Green Cincinnati Plan

In 2018 Cincinnati adopted its latest update to the Green Cincinnati Plan as the roadmap to being a national leader in addressing global climate change -- and making Cincinnati a healthier place to live.

Greening Cincinnati Newsletter

The Greening Cincinnati newsletter provides monthly updates on regional events and green initiatives in our community.

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